Transformer electric scooter in Lanzarote Orthopedics

Transformer electric scooter in Lanzarote Orthopedics, lightweight and small in size. It is one of the most requested, because its automatic folding makes it really compact.

You will not have problems to enter the elevators or to pass between the doors. Now with adjustable handlebar!

Ideal for city or travel as it can be easily transported in the trunk of a car.

With lithium batteries, the Transformer electric scooter is the only one that folds electrically using a remote control.

One of the narrowest

It fits without problems in elevators: it is the perfect solution when we do not find any scooter that has measures that fit our needs. Its 45 cm wide do not have any problem to pass through narrow places.

All its equipment is compact, but its reduced dimensions are not in conflict with its resistance (it supports a maximum user weight of 135 kg) or its comfort.

In addition to being one of the narrowest electric scooters, it is also one of the lightest: its total weight is 25 kg.


It is very simple to handle and is designed for the user to go shopping or take walks with him. Ideal for the elderly, disabled and with reduced mobility.

Control panel with simple buttons. It works with a key and has a speed regulator; to circulate safely.

The throttle lever works gradually, so you can control the speed reliably.

Seat with folding armrests so that the user can enter and exit comfortably. Its back also collapses for a better folding.


  • Solid rear wheels that do not puncture and hardly require maintenance: 178 x 60 mm.
  • Front: 152.40 x 38 mm.
  • Roll over: 450 x 20 mm.
  • Maximum slope: 8.5º = 15%.
  • Maximum speed: 6 km / h.
  • Autonomy of up to 12 km.
  • Turning radius: 104 cm.
  • Lithium battery.
  • Motor type: 24V-120 W.

Dimensions (length x width x height):

  • 950 x 525 x 870-880mm.
  • Weight with battery: 25 kg.
  • In addition, it is very resistant: it supports up to 135 kg.
  • Built-in folding handlebar

Transformer electric scooter

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