Rental of mobility aids in Lanzarote Orthopedics.

The maintenance and increase of the autonomy of people with functional disability, as well as the improvement of the quality of life of caregivers and people with dependency.

Rental of mobility aids in Lanzarote Orthopedics. Information and service.

We are an orthopedic company from Lanzarote (Canary Islands) that provides rental and sale services of orthopedic products for people with mobility problems, with the maximum guarantee. Store or home delivery. We offer rent with option to buy.

Break in Lanzarote Orthopedics.

Beds with lift or articulated carriage for bedridden. You can also purchase railings for all types of beds and other accessories (consult us).

Mobility in Lanzarote Orthopedics.

Rental of manual chairs, electric chairs, electric motor adaptable to manual chairs, ….

Cranes and accessories in Lanzarote Orthopedics.

Cranes for transfers and standing machines. Easy to use and comfortable to move people effortlessly to articulated bed, bathtub, wheelchair, diaper change, etc.

Scooter in Lanzarote Orthopedics.

Rental of scooters, folding (Transformer of Apex), easy to drive, light and large capacity. They provide the autonomy you are looking for and you choose where you want to go.

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